Letting go of Martha Stewart

Have you ever found yourself standing in the grocery store checkout line looking at the beautiful cover of the Martha Stewart magazine and thought how awesome it would be to make everything look so pulled together? Or do you pull up Instagram and wonder – how the heck can I replicate that? Once upon a time, I thought my ideal holidays would include perfectly carved pumpkins, white lights without any cords showing and a beautiful hand-crafted Fall wreath on the door. My home is anything but this! THANKFULLY!
My husband and two girls taught me the joy behind yard blow ups, paper cut out bats and ghosts that adorn the garage, and creative pumpkins that have ill shaped eyes. The joy is in the mess and the fun that goes into putting up this festive display together. It is time for me to set aside the dream of perfectionism and embrace this beautiful imperfection!
There is still something to the way we look on the outside reflects how we feel inside. HOWEVER, it is NOT the fancy clothes or the size of our pants that the world really is looking at. What people really see is the love in our eyes, the joy in our smile, and the kindness in our words.
I hope every time someone passes our house this season they see the joyous imperfections and anything but the cover of Martha Stewart.

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