While I have only attended your class for 14 months or so I have experience your training as well as watch how you train and your affect on others. 

My wife Shari has benefited from your training not only at spin but your personal training. Also my daughter Sarah has also been trained by you. 

All of us have enjoyed your training and positive attitude and passion. 

This is a great example of your ability to motivate and bring excellence to many different age groups and stages of physical fitness. 

I have been an athlete all my life and had to learn to go from training for outside competition to competing with myself, not allowing to be deterred by passing of time and not settling for anything but the best I could be, which is important as we have been given one body and God wants us to be a good managers of that gift as well as to stay fit for his call in our lives. 

(Better or Bitter the difference is the I)

Shari as you know has a heart of a champion and a fighter. You help her bring that out as well as help her recover from Chemo and she is as strong today as ever! She loves working with you so thank you for helping my sweet bride! 

Also Sarah loved your training and loved being challenged. As a Dad I like her seeing  a strong role model and someone passionate about their work and others. You showed her that without passion you cannot be excellent and always strive for your best!

I wish the best on your right next step and again thank you for your impact on me my family and those I see you working with in class. 

Terry Hill


I’m writing to share well-deserved kudos to Janelle Veteri.

I’ve been spinning & such for nearly two decades.  As a tech consultant, I’ve done so all over the country.  Janelle is unique.  No one anywhere approaches her expertise.  Janelle’s knowledge of technique, her motivational challenges, music, actionable guidance, & infectious attitude is unparalleled.  Nobody, but n-o-b-o-d-y does it like Janelle!  A rabid fan base has spontaneously sprung up.  Her classes are always full—& for good reason!

She facebooked recently that she was unexpectedly teaching the next morning, & I re-arranged my entire day so I could show up.  I wasn’t alone—several of us had done so.

Janelle is one-of-a-kind, a singular phenomenon.  Among so much else we love about her, she coins unique, catchy slogans to motivate us.  We call them “Janellisms”.  I’ve transcribed a few below.  In the middle of class—when our minds are fighting us, with our thighs burning, lungs on fire, & hearts pounding—it’s amazing how inspiring she can be.  They are awesome.  Janelle is awesome.

Some of my favorite Janellisms:

Don’t you quit on you!

Distraction is the enemy of greatness

We’re not just getting older—we’re getting stronger!

You can give another 1%—everybody has 1% more to give

The pain of now is less than the pain of regret

The *only* thing that matters is *RIGHT NOW*

You can’t control what happened in the past but you can control this moment

Better your best

 Jimmy May, MCM, MCSE 


I’ve had the privilege of regularly taking several different types of classes with Janelle as my instructor. Whether it’s spinning, Pilates or high intensity workouts, she always succeeds in delivering a positive, motivational experience. Her passion for fitness is engaging and she manages to connect well with people at various levels of ability. She encourages others by sharing what she’s learning and offering tips to achieve one’s very best. After every class with Janelle, I always feel grateful that the time was well spent–productive and inspiring.     

Lynelle Bienenfeld  Lynellebienfeld@gmail.com

I wanted to add a sentence about how you encouraged me to take a cycling trip and it was the best experience ever! But, I’m afraid it is already too long.


Here is my testimonial in case it helps you to get even better. In any case, I want to say a big thank you for being you. You are amazing and I am very grateful our paths have crossed.

I have been enjoying Janelle’s classes for 10 years now. I never liked gyms as I easily got bored. My husband told me about trying classes and this amazing cycling instructor. Cycling? I never rode a bike in my life (well, only once, I crashed and gave up). I did not think cycling was for me but I gave it a try. I got hooked with Janelle. Janelle made it easy for me to feel comfortable as she offers tons of tips for both newbies and veterans. Believe it or not, the hardest part is to show up to class. Once you are in her class, Janelle pushes you to be your very best every single time. She is inspirational she tries to improve herself every day. She is humble and shares personal stories and wants to hear our personal stories and successes.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, always to classes. I know that if I were going to all Janelle’s I would be in the best shape of my life and probably a better person.

Sandra  Aldana



I wanted to write you a note to thank you for motivating me through my Achilles rehab over the past 2 years.

 I ruptured my Achilles Tendon back in December of 2014. It took me a year to get completely healed and I was searching for something to help me gain the strength and endurance back both for the Achilles and psychologically.

I then found your class. You motivated me to push myself through my recovery to the point now that I am fully healed. I really appreciate your drive, excitement and motivational skills you are blessed with.  I’m sure you are a great person and mother in your own personal life.  Keep on helping others as you have me and don’t ever leave your Monday night Spinning class!

Kevin K.   

Long time Pro Club member.


Janelle provides the perfect balance of motivation and challenge in her approach to overall fitness.  The humility and perseverance she displays in her own life is inspiring as is her gift in coaching others to defy self-imposed boundaries.  Janelle is exceedingly genuine translating to a loyal following that continues to grow.

Aime Mitchell


I have been taking “spin” classes with Janelle Veteri for over 5 years now and have never lost interest in the strenuous program due to Janelle’s motivational and supportive style. Genuine enthusiasm, positive reinforcement and personal best demands are her signature.
Tom Boriotti


I have been taking classes with Janelle for 6 1/2 yrs. ever since I moved here.  Sweating through spin, TRX, and chiseled I find each class to be high energy,  challenging, fun , and inspirational.  She always has something thought provoking to say.

I like that she is aware of each person’s skill level,  and helps them modify exercise’s while making sure your form is correct. I feel very aware of my body, and form while in class.

I can’t say enough about Janelle,  her lively spirit and professionalism. We are lucky to have her at the Pro Club.

Thanks Janelle
Randi Patel Steinmetz


Hi Janelle,
So I know I say this all the time when I randomly run into you, but you really are such an amazing and inspirational teacher. I don’t know if you get enough positive feedback from people in your classes so as I was stretching and still feeling great from spinning this morning I thought I’d take a second to say thank you. You are SO inspiring and every time I walk out of class I think to myself, “man-she’s incredible.” You say just the right quip at just the right time while somehow making us mad enough to push harder. I would go to Bassline every day if it wasn’t for you so you better not ever quit teaching spinning!! I always know Monday and Wednesday are going to be great workouts, and I tell everyone that they need to go to your classes because you make the hour fun yet really challenging. You have a way of making me inspired enough to really want to work. “Is that really the best you can do?” “Don’t you give up on you!”
All those little sayings that you have and those catchy phrases totally stick with me and are applicable in so many situations. I use them all the time when I’m running. “Don’t walk to the top! You quit now- that’s just embarrassing.”  “Are you going to be good or are you going to be great?” All your talk of magic shakes and endorphin highs without the hangover and the guy passing us in a white body suit are awesome. I always chuckle at the ways you make us work harder.
My dad is hooked, too, and agree that there is just no one like you at the club. You’re empathetic, real, funny, consistent and a great communicator who appeals to all ages. That’s tough to do.


I’ve been fortunate enough to take spin classes from Janelle a couple times a week for more than two years.  After checking out several instructors prior, Janelle has spoiled me…there isn’t a better spin instructor around! Janelle motivates and inspires me every single class, in every type of class I’ve taken that she instructs, with both her words and music. She brings tremendous energy and life, exciting everyone in the room to push to do their best. I recommend friends try out her class if they have an opportunity, and they’ve never been disappointed. If someone can get me excited about sitting on a stationary bike, it’s Janelle!

Barb Dolliver


I have had the distinct pleasure of being a student in Janelle’s Spinning classes as well as Pilates Mat classes over the past two plus years.  I am not highly motivated to drive to the Pro Sports Club to take classes, but the ones I make an effort to attend are those that Janelle teaches!  She is able to motivate me to work hard and always takes the time to educate us as students.  It’s obviously her goal to make sure that the classes are fun, well-instructed, safe, and she just really makes we want to come back again.  I wish she taught more Pilates Mat classes because she’s the only one that truly educates as she teaches.  I feel the difference her instruction makes. 

Recently I asked Janelle if she was a personal trainer, because she is who I want to take me to the next level of fitness.  She is amazing!  Unfortunately, she can’t do EVERYTHING, apparently.

Janelle is a master at her craft!

Paulene Schock