Want Sustained MOTIVATION? Answer these 3 Questions!

Have you ever used lack of motivation as a, “beautiful excuse” for not reaching your goals? Let’s face it, it is easy to find distractions that are comfortable and provide short term satisfaction with social media at our fingertips 24/7. A shift in perspective is essential to find lasting motivation.

Let’s start with 3 essential questions:
1. BIG PICTURE: Why is this goal important to you and what impact will it have once achieved?
2. FOCUSED ATTENTION: How often do you reflect on your long-term goals?
3. DETAILS: When faced with a stair case or elevator, what one will you take?

BIG PICTURE: The roots of motivation are found in the WHY! For a real change to take place the outcome must be worth it to your sole and not just some superficial desire! Clearly defining your why leads to investing in the outcome so start by writing out your goals and link them to your core values. This connection must be made for lasting change to have a fighting chance.

FOCUSED ATTENTION: Step two is how often do you reflect on your long-term goals? It must be daily and possibly multiple times! One suggestion is to attach your goals to a morning habit. Before brushing your teeth read over your goals while you brush your teeth and plan out what you can do today to get 1% closer to your goal. Plan out how you will face possible roadblocks you might encounter. Once you finished brushing, write down your 1% plan for the day. At the end of the day when you brush your teeth write down 3 things that were great that day and one thing you could have done better. This reflection in the morning and evening are essential because it keeps you focused on daily actions that are the building blocks to achieve your big goals!

DETAILS: When faced with the comfort of mediocracy will you choose long term satisfaction vs short term comfort? What small decisions do you make when no one else is watching? Remember MOOD follows MOVEMENT! Expect you will feel like it after you start – not before! Motivation is sustained by making daily conscious decisions to step away from temporary comfort.

Finally when you look in the mirror at the end of the day celebrate your clean teeth and all the decisions you have made to be 1% closer to your goals!

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