What Path to Take?

What path to take?

I can’t run – Or – I can’t run YET!
Sad but true, I can’t run due to plantar fasciitis. I am missing the freedom and joy running provides and not doing it can send me into a dark place.
When we find something that is taken away from us due to injury, finances, or life challenges we pick a path. The dark path of why me, anger, depression, and resentment. Or, we can choose another road. The path of healing and the belief that we can learn something from this obstacle and get better. It is time to get creative with the negative and find another way to celebrate what we can do. There are plenty of things we can do and it all comes down to PROGRESS! Tony Robins says the secret to happiness is progress. When we feel trapped, we choose to take the uphill road towards progress town or the downhill easy street where the unfulfilled reside.
I am wondering what is your I can’t statement? Can you make it a I can’t YET statement?
For me personally, it is time to commit to the stretching, icing, and sleeping in a boot. I can swim, cycle, lift, and get creative with my cardio. I can feel I am on the right road now. Come join me!

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